The Story of Noah Conley

Almost any Boston personal injury attorney would agree that people who experience physical or emotional trauma often have to seek medical help. Unfortunately, this was the case with teenager Noah Conley.

In 2013, Conley received serious head trauma after a truck hit him while he was walking to school, according to News-Press Now. Doctors told his mother that he would never fully recover, but thankfully two years later that does not seem to be the case. Noah recently graduated from Cameron High School and will be attending Iowa Wesleyan College in the fall where he will study pre-med and psychology.

Before the accident, Noah was dead set on joining the military, but his injury now disqualifies him from being in the armed forces. His new career goal is to be a neurologist due to his newfound appreciation for how the brain works.

After the accident Noah had to relearn how to walk and write. Also, because of damage to his frontal lobe he had to relearn social skills as well. He said because of this he felt very isolated for some time proceeding he accident. Now, his condition has improved greatly. He still has long term memory problems, but the biggest hindrance for him currently is his short term memory.

Miraculously, he still retained his ability to play clarinet, drums, guitar, and bassoon. He even received a music scholarship for his talents on bassoon. Noah enjoys learning foreign languages, and now knows as much in regards to them as he did before the accident.

Noah, although he has improved greatly, still receives after effects of his injury such a seizures and impulse control problems. The website of the Iowa personal injury lawyers at the LaMarca Law Group says that when trucks are involved in accidents, the consequences are often life changing. This has definitely been the case for Noah Conley.

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