Reasons to Not Grant Visitation Right

Divorces often end with the former spouses holding on to some form of animosity towards one another. Although disdain is common and to a certain degree healthy in the healing process, if former partners have children together, they are going to have to make some important and difficult decisions together in a civilized manner. One of the first of these decisions is visitation rights. When working out these details, one must not project their opinion of their ex as a spouse on to their ability to parent well. However, there are a few instances where demanding that the other parent should not receive visitation rights is justifiable.

For instance, if the parent has history of domestic violence, one should be wary about leaving their child alone with them for extended periods of time. It is possible that a parent took the initiative to seek help to control their anger problems and could very well not be a threat to a child’s safety anymore, but situations like this should be closely monitored nonetheless.

Sometimes it is not the fault of the parent that they must reside in an unsafe neighborhood. However, just because they may be an adequate parent does not mean that they can always prevent dangerous situations that can arise in neighborhoods infested with crime. A possible solution to this situation is allowing for a lot of day visits in exchange for not allowing the child to stay the night.

Children can lash out in irrational anger if they do not get their way. However, if a child constantly complains about visiting the other parent, the problem may be bigger than too many time outs. Law firm Marshall & Taylor PLLC says on its website that even though maintaining healthy parent-child relationships is important, there are certain situations in which this interaction hinders the child from living a happy life.

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