Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Generally, residents in nursing homes are unable to tend to their own medical needs. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the employees of the nursing home to do so for them. Unfortunately, there are times when these employees make errors when giving medication to those who need it. A Wisconsin nursing home neglect lawyer will probably be aware that this type of neglect can have devastating effects.

One form of medication error is providing an incorrect dosage to patients. Surprisingly enough, this is not uncommon despite the fact that the dosage is printed clearly right on the the medicine bottle. That being said, this is an easily avoidable error, and there is no excuse for those experienced in the caretaker profession to make it.

Oftentimes medicine has to be taken at a certain time of day in order to be effective. Due to the complicated medicinal schedule a lot of elderly people have to follow, it is difficult for them to remember when they need to take what. This is one of the reasons why caretakers are so vital to the well being of nursing home residents. Sadly, workers do not always strictly follow the schedules needed to keep those they are taking care of as healthy as possible.

Perhaps the most harmful mistake nursing home workers can make in regards to medication errors is giving a resident the incorrect medication. This can also be easily avoided due to the fact that names should be on each prescription bottle. Although no one is perfect and mistakes happen, not noticing something as clear cut as a name on a bottle is inexcusable negligence.

When one has a job where their responsibilities include holding the life of someone else in their hands, it is essential that they approach the job with seriousness and attention to detail.

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